Bicycle Flat Tire Repair (Now You Know!!)

In this video, I will teach you how to a do a bicycle flat tire repair. Many people ride bicycles and don't know how to fix a flat or punctured bike tire. Most important tip I forgot to mention is to keep your tires at the correct tire pressure specifications when riding. First off, grab some tire levers, bicycle pump and a new inner tube. I use a Park Tool air pump and tire levers. Similar Park Tools can be found in the links further down in the video description. Don't bother patching tubes, just replace it with a good one. Follow the instructions in the video and you will be back riding soon. Now you know!! The road bike beside me is my 1984 Eddy Merckx Professional equipped with Campagnolo Super Record. This bike was probably touched by Ugo De Rosa and Eddy Merckx. The woman in the poster board is Paola Pezzo. She was a fabulous mountain bike racer back in the day. She rode for Gary Fisher Bicycles. This is my first published video where I am facing the camera for a length of time. I want to get better and learn more, so I can make even better videos. Recorded in 4k video. Feel free to drop a comment, a tip , a flat tire story. Please Share, Like👍, and Subscribe. Don't forget to ring that Notification Bell🔔.

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