Bike Repair – Bone Yard Tour – BikemanforU

Bike Repair BikemanforU pulls the tarp off a sad collection of bikes left to an unknown fate. Free Shipping on bicycle parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. YouTube's how-to guru of DIY bike repair goes deep into the shadows behind the Bike 'n' Kite Ltd., shop on this fan-requested bone yard tour. You asked and here it is. Forget any hidden treasure, though. "We've got all kinds of junk," he says. Most are department store bikes, but BMXBoy's got his own mini-collection with a potentially fixable Fuji. The heat's nearly unbearable. SonofA's holds onto his safari hat as he weaves past tied bundles of old tires on his way past Sebastian's cleaning station. If you'd like to see some sublinely strange bikes, one-hit wonders, the old, the ugly, as well as beautiful and what not to buy bicycles, watch BikemanforU's Bike Check Playlist Thumbs up if you like what you see. Or head on over to the best DIY bike repair videos on YouTube at BikemanforU Channel Subscribing's free for new videos every week.