Crank Adjustment – Chain Line – Sunday Aaron Ross EX Pro BMX Bike Repair Finale – BikemanforU

Http:// How to adjust the drivetrain on your bike with step-by-step instruction from YouTube's award-winning guru of DIY bicycle repair. Free shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycling accessories. Last video in the three-part mini BMX series on how to assemble a bike you purchased online. Watch the entire how-to playlist here In this DIY tutorial, BikemanforU begins his repair by analyzing the problem. The crank issues are related to an off centered chain, requiring chainline or chain sight adjustment, necessating removal of the rear wheel to better line up the axle, as well as removal of the crank and bottom bracket inspection. This video also covers pinch bolts, and re-tightening of compression bolts, carefully tightening up each side of the crank until both sides are even and the wheel axle is balanced. While he tended to overtighten in an effort to install the parts correctly, the bike owner gets kudos for knowing how to install left and right side pedals fairly correctly, and also for realizing when he's over his head and needs to consult a professional. The featured bike is a beautifully glorious white and orange Sunday Aaron Ross EX Pro BMX that was purchased online, arrived in a box at the new owner's home. The manufacturer, Sunday Bike, has attempted to make assembly easy by requiring basically an allen key and a wrench for the job, and, quite understandly, the new owner was quick to put it together. But when the job turned out less than, he brought the bike into our shop in Westhampton Beach, NY. See how a pro dials in a bike while learning to fix and maintain your bicycle with the BikemanforU channel. Subscribing's free for new videos every week. Please rate, comment, or subscribe. Free Shipping on bike parts, tires, tools, and cycle accessories. Please rate, comment or subscribe. BikemanforU is on google + @bikemanforu Like and