Heavy Duty Bike Repair Stand / Lift Crane

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Working on cargo bikes can be kind of a pain – normal bike work stands aren't designed for the size and weight, and the height adjustment is usually a pain to use and requires manually lifting the entire weight of the bike. The cheap ones are flimsy and wobbly. The holding clamps slip, and the feet are always in the way.

So I decided to make a heavy-duty work stand that won't tip over, won't wobble, is strong enough to hold up 50kg+ Bikes, is still movable with the bike attached, doesn't use much floor space and most importantly, doesn't require you to lift the bike up. It also goes up to a height of over 2 Meters.

The crane mechanism can be operated in two gears, quick for regular (light bikes) or with a low gear for heavy lifting. I can also motorize it with a powerdrill.

Sorry if the build is a little confusing at times – I'm not much of a planner so I changed a few things back and forth during the process.