How to build a bike repair stand

How To Build A Bike Repair Stand

[UPDATE] In contrast to my clamping method shown in the video I’ve learned since that it’s a much better idea to clamp the bike on the seat stay. See here:

I also improved the clamp by using a rubber mat glued in with double-sided tape. See here:

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I built a stand for bike repair and maintenance work. I used mostly scrap wood, some steel pipes and rods and some hardware I had to buy. The total cost was about 40 EUR, half of which went into the two clamping levers that you can see at the end of the video.

This project is in many places a little rough. I built it over the course of several weeks while I was very busy at work and didn’t have much shop time. So my focus was on getting ahead at all and not so much on precise craftsmanship.

Details about the rampa screw (insert nut) used for fastening the boom:

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