Laser Scar Removal – How to Remove Scars

Tattoo Removal Today we are going to learn how to remove scars with laser scar removal. Removing scars is one of the trickiest laser treatments we perform. Believe it or not, every scar is an anomaly and you need experience to know how to properly remove the scar. From keloid to hypertrophic scars. Depending on how you got the scar and the tissue itself, the collagen in that tissue is different. Is it a surgical, a keloid, a hypertrophic, or a scar from a burn or maybe an abrasion or an accident? They are all different. Not only that, but on different parts of your body your skin will scar differently. For instance, if the scar is on a joint where your skin is constantly flexing and moving all that movement makes it formulate differently.

So what type of laser scar removal treatment will deal with that and how do we remove the scar? Different types of lasers engage the collagen of the scar, in different ways, to cause the collagen within the scar to remodel. It’s a trick. It’s like every scar has a specific code of energies that will unlock the collagen structure that exists in it. With laser scar removal we are able to remodel it, reformulate it, shrink the scar, smooth it over, take the color out of it, get rid of it, and make it much less noticeable.

To discover the special secret code to unlock how your collagen and your scar is made up, which will tell us how to remove the scar, so that we can remodel it and fix it, is going to take 3 to five scar removal laser treatments to do so.

The process of removing a scar consists of 5 distinct phases. The first is color blending. When the scar is formed it may become darker than the surrounding skin due to an excess of melanocytes or pigment making cells. If the scar becomes pink, red or purple they contain excess vascularization. The scar may also be lighter than the surrounding skin. Depending on the color of your specific scar, a series of treatments will be customized to blend the color of the scar to match the surrounding skin. Collagen remodeling is the second phase of scar treatment. The converts the scarred collagen into new healthy collagen. The third phase involves shrinking the scar from all sides. Stimulation of new collagen production is the forth phase of treatment. New healthy collagen is stimulated to fill the scar. The fifth stage of scar treatment is resurfacing. This will blend the scar with the surrounding skin and smooth the surface of the scar.

No scar can ever be permanently removed. However, with our special blend of proprietary scar removal treatments for keloid and hypertrophic scars that unlock the collagen content and remodel it, and make it so much harder to see, you will forget that you even have it. That is the secret of how to remove scars with laser removal treatment.

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Laser Treatment to Remove Scars