Laser Scar Removal Treatment – Get Rid of Scars

Tattoo Removal Our proprietary laser scar removal treatment protocols will engage your own natural physiological regenerative capacity and your skin will remodel itself. Fading those scars away. Blending those scars back into your skin. With each laser scar removal treatment you will watch them fade away.

If you have a stubborn hypertrophic or keloid scars, especially on areas of your body that you don’t want to conceal such as your face, you may have tried a variety of ineffective treatments to get rid of that scar that may have left you disillusioned and depressed.

At AMA Skincare, we understand the frustration that scars cause our patients. This is why we have developed a unique, multiple-modality approach to delicately and artfully get rid of your scar. Gradually blending it in with the surrounding skin. This gives or patients the dramatic scar revision results they are hoping for.

All of our scar removal treatments are comprehensively customized for each patient, due to the fact that every scar, hypertrophic, keloid, is different in composition and structure from all other scars. Essentially, every scar is an anomaly. Most of our scar treatment regimens will require about 5 or 7 laser treatment sessions and a specific combination of non-laser modalities, such as Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM), Collagen Induction Acupuncture (CIA), and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Our multiple modality approach to getting rid of scars is what makes us able to deliver superior results over other scar removal treatments and creams. It’s all about our artful laser remodeling of the scar. Delicately and gradually our laser scar removal treatment will blend the scar with the rest of your skin.

3 to 4 different lasers are used per session as well has many non laser modalities in a typical laser scar removal treatment protocol. To even out coloration and blend the scar with the surrounding skin a laser color blending treatment is administered. If the scar is red in color due to excess vascularization, we target the micro vasculature to eliminate the redness using a different type of laser. Once the redness is gone, an intense collagen laser treatment utilizing 2 to 3 different lasers is administered to stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen. This will fill the scar with new collagen from the inside out. Finally, an epidermal resurfacing laser is used to smooth out the surface of the scar removing it’s roughness, discolorations, wrinkles and other imperfections.

After the discoloration has been corrected, the natural production of collagen within the scar is stimulated with carefully selected, intense collagen treatments. These treatments have been designed to accelerate the removal of old, deteriorated collagen fibers deep beneath your skin that are beyond repair through your body’s own physiological processes as well as remodel less-damaged collagen with new, younger collagen. These collagen treatments are also capable to encouraging the fibroblast cells that exist through your dermis to produce new, young, and healthy collagen within two to three procedures.

The final step of each scar removal treatment is to smooth out the surface of the scar and the skin with an epidermal resurfacing laser, or as it is more commonly known, a laser peel. Laser peels have the ability to create smooth skin by removing a predetermined section of your skin’s surface layer (the skin cells that make up this top layer are technically dead) and along with it, any imperfections, fine wrinkles, discolorations, and/or roughness that exist on it. Permanently getting rid of that scar.

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Laser Treatment to Remove Scars