Soccer Predictions How to win Every Football bets part 2

Premier League Predictions

Premier League Predictions

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Soccer Predictions How to win EVery Football bets part 2
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10 Special Football Tricks to win Every football bets:-
Experience in betting

Betting is huge source of Opportunities.
90% Betters have minus balance.
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You are now like this| become like this

1. Don;t bet on low odds under 1.40
2.Don't bet on every match and all day. Just bet maximum 3 bet a day.
3. Don't greed. This is the only reason most people lost.
4. Why would anybody want to sell you information regarding a fixed sporting event? If they know the result is fixed, why would they send out many thousands of emails or text messages informing anyone and everyone? Why would they alert the world on social media

Let's say the scammers receive 100 responses, each paying for information on an upcoming football match that the scammers claim to know is fixed. The scammers will tell a third of their respondents that the home team is going to win. They tell another third that the away team is going to win. They tell the last third that the game will end in a draw.

5. Dont play in double, treble or in fold. Don't give your money to bookie.

6. Learn how to predict the game:-

a. Go to
b. Check both team last 5 match matches and last 5 h2h.
c. Find what is happening more than 66%.

This may be the outcome of the game.

Let me clear it for you with an live example:-

7. If 2 match goes b2b draw n a league than third match will be defiantly win by either home team or away team. Let me give you an example:-

You can also use soccerstats fro this.

8. Don;t follow software predictions or computer betting tips. They don't worth your money.

9. Follow maximum only 3 tippers, no more than this.

IF you follow our free ips, We promise to make 7 times profit per week. Check our stats for FREE Records.

10. If in a match, you see score line of half time more than 3 goals like 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 in , 4-0 etc.

that mean if you see over 3 or over 3 goal in first half then in second half goal be will less than 2.

That mean you should play under after first half.

We are the best tipper of soccer.

Watch our video if you want :-
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Premier League Predictions
Premier League Predictions
Premier League Predictions
Premier League Predictions
Premier League Predictions

Premier League Predictions

Premier League Predictions

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