Stuck Shifters DIY Easy Fix – Bike Repair – BikemanforU Tutorial If your bicycle shifters don't work, try cleaning! These Shimano Altus C20 shifters on an older Trek Antelope MTB prove that a simple fix beats a new part. BMFU initially survey's the problem, comparing these Rapid Fire handlebar shifters to Shimano's pricier XTR components on one of our funky Cannondales. But in this case, the rear derailleur shifter is not operational. "There's some gook inside there and we've got to clean it out…Now, we're going to show you how it's done," he says, adding, "You're gonna need a new cable. No ifs, ands or buts. You're gonna have to snip the cable." No worries, BikemanforU has a tutorial for changing a gear cable to show us how when we need it. We use the Clarks gear cable set in our brick-and-mortar bike shop. Get this replacement kit, along with free shipping at In this video tutorial, YouTube's how-to guru of bicycle repair shows us how to bring old bike shifters back to leave with a quick, easy clean-up. He starts by removing the shifter cover using a Phillips head screw driver. Take notice how it goes back on, he suggests. Use an awl to clean out the paul. Add a little braker cleaner and keep working your awl back and forth, removing dirt, grit, and grime. When the shifter is moving smoothly, a question arises. x. Should you re-lubricate? Sure. Just use something that doesn't collect grime or gook. Just a little dab to displace the cleaner. Now, these shifters are back in action. All we have to do is string up a new cable. Not sure how to install a cable? It's a fairly simple, straight-forward bike repair that most of us can handle. Watch here So, don't let anybody tell you ya need a new shifter. Thumbs up if you like what you see. And if you see anything wrong in this description, please post it in the comments section. Subscribing's free, so please sign up for the newest DIY vids on fixing up bicycles old and new. Watch more bicycle video tutorials on the BikemanforU channel.