Tattoo Removal Scarring: How to Prevent Scars

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Tattoo Removal Scars: How to Prevent Them

Up until a few years ago it was almost impossible to avoid scars. Tattoo removal and scarring would go hand in hand, there was almost nothing you could do about it.

The reason being is that the laser technology would heat the surrounding tissue so bad, it would burn it beyond repair. However, tattoo regret is powerful, and it sure didn't stop anyone from seeking treatment.

Times have changed for sure. The laser technology of today is so much safer than it was, it's pretty incredible.

However, you need to make sure you're finding the right clinic, utilizing proper technology, like the Quanta Laser we use here at Kiss your ink Goodbye.

Aftercare is just as important. Following your instructions will prevent scarring, as well as caring for your blisters, should you get them.

Tattoo removal treatment can also cause scarring if you don't protect the area from the sun. Always keep an SPF of at least 25 on the area throughout your entire plan.

Finally, we highly recommend choosing a clinic who specializes in tattoo removal, and is certified for this procedure exclusively. Nowadays, there are many shops who provide ink removal, but not all of them are actually certified. If you care about your skin, you need to find the ones who are.

We hold 3X certifications, specializing in laser tattoo removal, laser safety & physics. You're in good hands with us.